Handling Workplace Anger and Conflict
Why is it important to handle workplace anger and conflict effectively?
The workplace can provoke anger and conflict, as you work with people with different values, beliefs, objectives, priorities and behaviours.

Anger, whether it is your own or someone else's, can work for or against you. You need to know when anger can be beneficial, and when it starts to become unhealthy and destructive.

Conflict, usually (but not always) the cause of anger, has its value in a workplace setting. If managed properly, conflict can bring people closer together and foster better working relationships.

However, if it is not well managed, resentment and anger can arise. If left to fester, these can have a negative impact on performance results and the health of individuals.

What do you gain from this one-day workshop?
This programme discusses the various ways of looking at anger and conflict, and how to manage them to avoid workflow disruption and create positive results.

You will gain a better understanding of what triggers your anger. More importantly, you will gain the tools to manage your own anger and make it work for you and your team.

The programme also takes you through a conflict handling process that considers the feelings and priorities of both you and the other party.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Understand the causes of anger.
  2. Know how anger can manifest itself at the workplace.
  3. Learn how to manage your own anger in the most constructive way.
  4. Understand the nature of conflict.
  5. Know the critical success factors in managing conflict.
  6. Learn a process for handling conflict constructively.

Workshop Highlights
What is Anger
  • The many faces of anger
  • What causes anger?
  • How do you express anger?
  • How do you handle other people's anger?
  • The two sides of anger

Ways to Handle Anger
  • Suppressing the feeling
  • Becoming aggressive
  • Withdrawing
  • Becoming assertive
  • Letting it go

What is a Conflict
  • Defining conflict
  • Must you always manage conflict?
  • Obstacles that block effective conflict-handling

Critical Success Factors in Conflict Management
  • Clear objective
  • Safe environment
  • Correct focus
  • Active listening
  • Respect, care and empathy

Handling Workplace Conflict
  • Using a positive conflict handling approach
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in conflict handling
  • Application: Discussing a workplace conflict situation

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts (OR) Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (OR) M Hotel Singapore

Duration: 1 Day

Time: 9am to 5pm

Fee: S$450

(Fee includes a training workbook, lunch and refreshments.)

(Register 3 or more participants and pay only S$420 per participant*)

* Terms and Conditions on Registration Page

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