Manage Yourself First
Why is it important to manage yourself professionally at the workplace?
At the workplace, you will face challenges like difficult people and situations, unreasonable requests from colleagues and superiors, anger, conflict, and limited resources to perform your work, etc.

It is difficult, likely impossible, to change other people’s actions and behaviours. However, you can manage your own reactions to other people and the environment.

How you manage yourself not only projects your professional image, it also has a direct impact on your own stress levels, frame of mind, performance, and results.

What do you gain from this two-day workshop?
This programme helps you to become more self-aware. You will develop the emotional intelligence necessary to connect with yourself and others more effectively. You will also be more aware of how you want to craft a personal brand for yourself.

Interpersonal relations can make up a critical part of your career, and you must be mindful of building connections to enhance your support network, or even just to get things done.

You will learn techniques to manage anger, conflict, office gossip, criticism, and stress effectively and professionally. This will enable you to stay positive, motivated, and productive.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Reflect on your own professional presence, and learn how to enhance this.
  2. Manage workplace dynamics that affect interpersonal relations.
  3. Learn how to state your needs and feelings clearly and respectfully.
  4. Learn how to manage anger in the most constructive way.
  5. Learn a process for handling workplace conflict effectively.
  6. Manage office gossip, criticism, anger and conflict professionally.
  7. Understand and learn ways to work with difficult people at the workplace.
  8. Learn how to manage stress, not just cope with it.
  9. Learn mindsets and strategies to stay positive and inspired at the workplace.

Workshop Highlights
Understanding Yourself
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Understanding and using emotional intelligence
  • Developing your personal brand

Understanding Anger
  • The many faces of anger
  • What causes anger?
  • How do you handle your own anger?
  • How do you handle other people’s anger?
  • The two sides of anger

Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Understanding conflict
  • Must you always manage conflict?
  • Obstacles that block effective conflict-handling
  • Using a balanced approach to manage conflict

Working with Difficult People
  • What we expect of others
  • What others expect of us
  • Acceptable workplace behaviour
  • Types of difficult people
  • Techniques for managing each type

Handling Difficult Situations
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with office gossip
  • Dealing with unreasonable requests

Managing Your Stress
  • How stress works for and against you
  • The connection between stress and depression
  • Understanding your own attitude toward stress
  • Managing the main causes of workplace stress

Inspiring Yourself
  • Self-reflection: Are you motivated?
  • When you feel you have no autonomy
  • When you cannot find the meaning of work
  • When you are not learning
  • When you don’t enjoy working with your co-workers

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

In-Class Training (OR) Virtual Training

Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts (OR) Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (OR) Orchard Rendezvous Hotel


TIME: 9am to 5pm

FEE: S$750 (no GST payable)

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