Service Resilience
What can be challenging about customer service?
Customer care is a delicate issue, and it is also an issue many customer care personnel must deal with under extremely trying circumstances and tight time frames.

On the one hand, policies must be adhered to. On the other hand, customers demand service and information. As a customer care personnel, you will often find yourself caught between these two sides, and become stressed or demoralised as you feel that you cannot serve the customer to the best of your ability.

Whether it is a telephone or face-to-face interaction, you need to understand the triggers that can set off the customer’s negative reactions. You need to understand how the customer might feel in various situations, and exercise your empathising skills, in order to bring the customer back to a rational level.

What do you gain from this one-day workshop?
This programme focuses on the challenges in dealing with upset or difficult customers on the phone and in face-to-face situations. You will learn how to handle these situations with poise and professionalism, while maintaining the goodwill and preserving the relationship with the customer.

You will also learn how to listen actively to customers and show empathy appropriately. You will learn to choose the best words and phrases to use in difficult service situations, so that you can handle difficult customers confidently.

This programme also gives you an understanding of your own service philosophy and emotional make-up, and shows you how to use this knowledge to manage your own emotions in challenging customer service situations.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Know how your service can affect the organisation's image.
  2. Be aware of how your service philosophy and emotions can affect your service level.
  3. Acquire the correct mindset and manage your anger in handling difficult customers.
  4. Develop excellent empathy skills for interacting with difficult customers.
  5. Know the best things to say in difficult or sensitive situations.

Workshop Highlights
Connecting with the Customer
  • Examining your own service philosophy and emotional quotient (EQ)
  • Knowing yourself - Who is serving?
  • Knowing the customer on a human level

Listening Actively
  • Focusing on the customer
  • Confirming the message
  • Analysing the message
  • Responding appropriately

Showing Empathy
  • Acknowledging the cause of unhappiness
  • When the customer feels wronged
  • Things to say to show your empathy
  • Common pitfalls in showing empathy

Responding to Customers in Difficult Situations
  • Handling anger
  • When you cannot say yes
  • Responding to customers who don't think you can help
  • Responding to customers who insult your intelligence
  • Responding to aggressive customers

Closing the Conversation
  • Preparing the customer for what will happen next
  • Closing on a positive note

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts (OR) Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (OR) M Hotel Singapore

Duration: 1 Day

Time: 9am to 5pm

Fee: S$450

(Fee includes a training workbook, daily buffet lunch and refreshments.)

(Register 3 or more participants and pay only S$420 per participant*)

* Terms and Conditions on Registration Page

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