Bringing Your Best to the Workplace
Why should you bring your best to the workplace?
Apart from the technical and operational skills you need to perform your job, it is also important to look within yourself to see if you can enhance your personal resources - your time, your mindset, and your attitude.

How you manage yourself not only projects your professional image, it also has a direct impact on your performance and results.

What do you gain from this two-day workshop?
This programme helps you to reflect on your own professional presence. You will become more self-aware, and be better able to command the respect that you deserve at the workplace. You will also gain an understanding of contemporary business behavior to better manage workplace interactions.

Interpersonal relations can make up a critical part of your career, and you must be mindful of building connections to enhance your support network. You will learn techniques to manage anger, conflict, office gossip, and criticism professionally.

Another critical skill, very frequently described as a key trait that employers value, is the way you communicate at the workplace. This programme takes you through some important aspects of communication. You will learn skills to make your verbal and written communications clear, effective, and relationship-building.

This programme also discusses the importance of problem-solving and decision-making. You will learn a simple yet effective decision-making tool to help you make sound and justifiable decisions.  

The ability to focus on results is a sought-after trait. This programme discusses how you can project a professional image and increase productivity at meetings. You will also learn how to become more assertive to stay in control of your time.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Reflect on your own professional presence, and learn how to enhance this.
  2. Manage workplace dynamics that affect interpersonal relations.
  3. Learn how to state your needs and feelings clearly and respectfully.
  4. Manage office gossip, criticisms, anger and conflict professionally.
  5. Understand the importance of verbal and written communication, and perform communication tasks with finesse.
  6. Know how to overcome obstacles that prevent clear communication.
  7. Make sound and justifiable decisions.
  8. Be assertive and handle your own time professionally, in order to contribute to the overall objectives of your team and organisation.
  9. Know the pitfalls to avoid in using assertiveness skills.

Workshop Highlights
Your Self-Image
  • Understanding self-expressions and power-play
  • Getting the respect you need and deserve
  • Being responsible and accountable
  • The 30-second self-check
  • Being self-aware and other-aware

Contemporary Business Behaviour
  • Self-righteousness
  • Political correctness
  • Managing humour

Your Phone Presence
  • Your verbal handshake
  • Projecting confidence and friendliness on the phone
  • Mobile phone etiquette

Mastering the Art of Communication
  • Understanding email etiquette
  • Compensating for the lack of body language and facial expressions
  • Speaking clearly and confidently
  • Using the mobile phone for business messages

Managing Interpersonal Relations at the Workplace
  • Dealing with office gossip
  • Handling criticism
  • Managing your own anger
  • Reacting to anger and verbal abuse
  • Managing workplace conflict

Developing Your Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  • Becoming a problem-solver
  • Making the right decisions
  • Analysing the risks involved
  • Admitting mistakes

Focusing on Results
  • Attending meetings
  • Managing your tasks
  • Being assertive to stay in control

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts (OR) Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (OR) M Hotel Singapore

Duration: 2 Days

Time: 9am to 5pm

Fee: S$750

(Fee includes a training workbook, daily buffet lunch and refreshments.)

(Register 3 or more participants and pay only S$720 per participant*)

* Terms and Conditions on Registration Page

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