Managing Stress and Staying Positive
Why is it important to manage your stress?
While stress is generally perceived to be negative, and you cannot really avoid it, you can develop strategies and measures to manage it.

If not properly managed, stress can take the joy out of your work. It can affect your effectiveness and morale. In the longer term, stress can affect your physical and mental well-being.

You must take control of your stress and make it work for you.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Learn how to spot and manage your stress triggers.
  2. Gain new perspectives on how to view stress in your work.
  3. Know how to make stress work for you.
  4. Learn stress management and stress relieving techniques.
  5. Learn mindsets and strategies to stay positive and upbeat.

Workshop Highlights
What Really is Stress?
  • Understand your own attitude toward stress
  • How stress works for and against you
  • The connection between stress and depression

What Causes Us Stress
  • What causes us stress
  • Coping with stress VS Managing stress
  • Developing coping mechanisms for stress
  • Developing insights on managing stress

Staying Positive
  • Understanding yourself
  • Adjusting your attitude
  • Changing your behaviour
  • Practising self-care

Trainer: Jolynn Chow


7 hours (virtual learning via Zoom)


9am to 12pm (with 2 breaks)

12pm to 1pm (lunch break)

1pm to 4pm (with 2 breaks)


S$380 per participant (nett)

Fee includes training reference materials (emailed in PDF format after the training)

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It's fun and clear, and helps me learn more about EQ.

Processing Clerk, WYN2000 Transport & Container Services

The trainer was very engaging and gave examples of real-life situations appropriately. I will recommend such courses to my branch trainer and friends as they are very relevant to our daily work life.

Customer Service Manager, Expeditors Singapore Pte Ltd