Managing Emotions in Customer Service
Why is it important to manage emotions in customer service?
Customer care is a delicate issue, and it is also an issue many customer care personnel must deal with under extremely trying circumstances and tight time frames.

On the one hand, company policies must be adhered to, and on the other hand, customers demand service and information. As a customer care personnel, you will often find yourself caught between these two sides, and become stressed or demoralised as you feel that you cannot serve the customer to the best of your ability.

You need to understand the triggers that may set off your negative reactions. Only when you know your own emotions can you try to manage them. You also need to understand how the customer might feel in various situations, and exercise your empathising skills, in order to bring the customer back to a rational level.

What do you gain from this one-day workshop?
This programme gives you an understanding of your own service philosophy and emotional make-up, and shows you how to use this knowledge to manage your own emotions in challenging situations.

It will take you through the four core competencies of good customer service – commitment, accountability, positive thinking, and effective communication.

You will also learn important service skills like listening and empathising to connect with customers not just on a service level, but also on an emotional level.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Be aware of how your service philosophy and emotions can affect your service level.
  2. Know the core competencies required to provide excellent customer service.
  3. Know what service excellence means and how to work towards it
  4. Be able to manage your emotions in stressful customer service situations.

Workshop Highlights
The Service Factor
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is your service philosophy?
  • Changing your own service paradigm

The Four Core Competencies of Customer Service
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Positive Thinking
  • Effective Communication

Providing Excellent Service to Customers
  • Establishing rapport with your customer
  • When you cannot say yes
  • When customers feel wronged
  • Managing promises
  • Empathising with customers
  • Know what you are selling
  • Know what your customers expect

Managing Your Emotions in Stressful Service Situations
  • What is Emotion?
  • Are you emotionally engaged?
  • Taking charge of your thoughts and emotions
  • Avoiding distorted thinking
  • Avoiding stress and burnout

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Duration: 1 Day

For in-company training only.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

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A lot of examples in daily life were presented in class, so we can know how to solve these daily problems.

Procurement Officer, Biomedical Science Institutes (BBC)

It's fun and clear, and helps me learn more about EQ.

Processing Clerk, WYN2000 Transport & Container Services

The trainer was very engaging and gave examples of real-life situations appropriately. I will recommend such courses to my branch trainer and friends as they are very relevant to our daily work life.

Customer Service Manager, Expeditors Singapore Pte Ltd