Presenting with Confidence
What are the main challenges in giving a good presentation?
Every working professional must be prepared to be called upon to give a presentation. It could be a simple briefing or a detailed analysis.

Many people are nervous about speaking in front of an audience. This is known as stage fright. The good thing is this can be managed with careful and effective preparations.

There are many challenges in giving a good presentation. You need to ensure that you look professional and confident, and you must sound clear and convincing. On top of that, you must be able to capture and hold the audience's attention with your presentation contents.

What do you gain from this two-day workshop?
This workshop takes you through the most important elements of a presentation. These include ways to ensure sharp audience focus, clear and logical structural flow, strong narrative linkages and persuasive presentation visuals.

You will learn techniques to manage your vocal and physical projections, in order to capture the attention and gain the respect of your audience. This will also help to ensure success in persuading and convincing them.

You will be recorded giving two presentations. The workshop leader will point out parts that you have done well and parts that need improvement. You will take away your personal copy of the DVD recordings.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Understand the important elements of a presentation.
  2. Manage these elements effectively to create an impact with your presentation.
  3. Create presentation slides that attract attention, create interest, and convey your message clearly.
  4. Manage your visual, vocal and verbal images to maximise your stage presence, be it in front of a small audience or a large meeting.

Workshop Highlights
Planning Your Presentation Message
  • Being clear about your objective
  • Preparing your key points
  • Deciding on a flow structure
  • Preparing an opening that will capture your audience immediately
  • Using transitions to lead your audience through your message
  • Closing with an impact

  • First video-recording of presentation (appoximately 4 minutes per person)
  • Review, discussion and feedback

Preparing and Using PowerPoint Slides
  • From outline to bullet points
  • Managing your text to support your message
  • Ensuring consistency in your slides
  • Using visuals and graphics in your slides
  • Using animation effectively

Optimising Your Effectiveness
  • Projecting a confident and professional visual image
  • Managing your body language to make it work for you
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Choosing words that project a positive image
  • Using words to appeal to the audience's needs

  • Second video-recording of presentation (approximately 4 minutes per person)
  • Review, discussion and feedback

  • Participants who wish to practise creating great PowerPoint slides, or who wish to polish up their existing PowerPoint slides, should bring along their own laptops.
  • Each participant will receive a DVD recording of their own presentations for review and improvement.
  • Maximum class size - 15 participants

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Duration: Customisable

For in-company training only.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

Participants will receive a training workbook and a personal copy of their DVD recordings.

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This course helped me to correct my flaws and confront my fears during a presentation. The video-taping of our presentations and pointers by the trainer showed me how to improve.

Participant from Parliment House Singapore

This course is very useful to our work and individual presentations. The materials were very useful. Jolynn explained everything very clearly and there is personal touch from her and her team.

Participant from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

This course will help anyone to gain confidence in their presentation and learn the "do's" and don'ts" during a presentation.

Participant from Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

I recommend this course to my colleagues and friends because they will be better equipped with the confidence to deliver a presentation.

Participant from Alexandra Health Pte Ltd