Managing Anger and Conflict
Why is it important to manage anger and conflict?
You must manage your anger, rather than let it manage you. Otherwise, the situation may escalate to a point that can damage the relationship and affect your professional image negatively.

You need to know when anger can be beneficial, and when it is starting to become unhealthy and destructive.

Conflict, if managed positively, can bring people closer together and foster better working relationships.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Understand the possible causes of anger.
  2. Learn how anger can manifest itself at the workplace.
  3. Learn how to manage your anger in the most constructive way.
  4. Understand the nature of conflict.
  5. Learn a process for handling conflict effectively and productively.

Workshop Highlights
What is Anger?
  • The many faces of anger
  • What causes anger?
  • How do you express anger?
  • How do you handle other people‚Äôs anger?
  • The two sides of anger

Common Ways of Dealing with Anger
  • Suppressing anger
  • Becoming aggressive
  • Withdrawing
  • Being assertive
  • Letting it go

Critical Points in Conflict Management
  • Understanding conflict
  • Must you always manage conflict?
  • Obstacles that block effective conflict management
  • Critical success factors in conflict management

Handling Conflict at Work
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in conflict handling
  • Using a positive conflict handling approach

Trainer: Jolynn Chow


7 hours (virtual learning via Zoom)


9am to 12pm (with 2 breaks)

12pm to 1pm (lunch break)

1pm to 4pm (with 2 breaks)


S$380 per participant (nett)

Fee includes training reference materials (emailed in PDF format after the training)

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