Workplace Email - 12 Things You Must Know
Why is it important to use email properly at the workplace?
Electronic communication requires careful handling to ensure goodwill and clear communication.

Many people view email as being informal. While email is less formal than business letters, not all email messages are informal.

Use email correctly and appropriately if you care about your professional image. If you use the wrong greeting, closing, or even subject line, you could come across as being disrespectful or indifferent.

If you don't put enough thought into the CC and BCC functions, you could be setting yourself up for complicated tracking and follow-up issues.

What do you gain from this workshop?
Find out how people generally misuse email, and what can be done to improve the situation.

This workshop focuses on important aspects of email usage, including the subject line, greeting, closing, CC and BCC.

You will learn the options available, and the implications of each option.

Workshop Objectives
  1. Be aware of the impact of email on your work and business.
  2. Know the pitfalls that hinder the effective use of email and how to avoid them.
  3. Understand how to make online communication effective and productive.
  4. Use common email functions correctly and with finesse.
  5. Project a professional and confident image online.

Workshop Highlights
Who is Your Reader
  • Use an appropriate style
  • Use the appropriate level of formality

Observing Netiquette
  • How to greet your reader
  • How to close your message
  • How to sign off
  • The use of CC and BCC
  • The use of emoticons and abbreviated form

Looking Good Online
  • Improve the visual aspect of your email
  • Use intelligent subject lines

How People Use Email Badly
  • Common problems with the use of email
  • When not to use email

Trainer: Jolynn Chow

Duration: Customisable

For in-company training only

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The course is short and crisp. I have learnt important pointers to take note in email writing.

Participant from Fei Yue Community Service

The course is useful for our daily work. The trainer is clear and organised in her presentation. I have learnt how to rectify the common problems of email usage.

Participant from Sharp Electronics (S) Pte Ltd